Who we are

We’re not really a couch, okay?

We come from one type of special family

The kind that starts off as a group of people working on a film set and becomes one big family when the production is about to get wrapped.

We believe some of you do too.

Big Couch is a way of bringing these families together, into an even larger one, by creating a platform where producers, employers and crews can connect, share and work directly, while energizing the entire film industry along the way. Showcased profiles turn into jobs, and jobs transform into independent films and fresh productions.

We want to fuel and spark the independent film scene by interlacing professionals’ experience and by empowering the talents of our time.

We believe in a transparent and safe eco-system for filmmakers, because at the end of the day, we are one of them.

Here to make independent films rock.

Think of us as a slingshot for that rock, ready to launch your projects across the fence, into the eye of impossible budgets.

We want to change the independent film industry with our weapon of choice: Crewfunding. A concept of film production, based on shared economy principles, already successfully applied to famous films such as The Full Monty, Frances Ha, Warp Films and even Star Wars.

Now, Big Couch makes Crewfunding available to any filmmaker, who can gather the resources they need by having crews invest their skill and time into the project. In return, crews receive a transparent package of profit points and deferred payments, negotiated through unbiased contracts.

None of the jobs on our platform go below the National Minimum Wage. We provide reliable and transparent legal framework for all of this, while working closely with leading law firm Lewis Silkin.

Welcome to the Big Couch. Give us a hand and help us carry it up the stairs. So that we can all sit together comfortably on the rooftop.

Hello, hi!

Irina Albita has vast experience in the technology startup space, growing several tech-startups with a focus on online-marketplaces. Irina has a mathematics and computer science background and a Masters in Management and Finance from the London School of Economics. At Big Couch, she advises independent filmmakers on finance plans and cost-optimisation methods.

Maria has a degree in Filmmaking and one in Sociology and is passionate about activism and actions that have a social impact.
Her work at Big Couch includes working with Producers financing their films, crewing up and advising on distribution strategies. Using her experience and industry knowledge from Big Couch, she continues to produce selected projects.
Maria has produced and associate produced two feature docs and one drama, as well as several shorts. She has an MA in Filmmaking with Distinction from the University of Essex and is BAFTA Crew Production Managers. She feeds on good films, from the global cinema.