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One by one, four strangers arrive to a one-bedroom flat. The windows are blocked off, the cupboards are stacked with food, cameras and lights hang from a studio gantry on the ceiling. All they know is that they are about to star in an on-line reality show. But they've not met anyone from the show, no-one tells them what to do or for how long they'll be there. Locked inside, this naturalistic, satirical drama unfolds as the 'contestants' begin to question the framework of their perceived authority: that of, 'the show.'


Oliver Cane - IMDB


Oliver Cane - IMDB

production company:

Brod Productions




05 / 09 / 2016 - 29 / 10 / 2016

Crews on-board

Line Producer

Ioanna Karavela - IMDB

Assistant Producer

Zac Wiegand - IMDB

Assistant Producer

James Staunton - IMDB

Make-Up and Hair Artist

Julia Harrison - IMDB

Sound Mixer

Alex Hudd - IMDB

Director of Photography

Tom Hines - IMDB

1st Assistant Director

Noomi Yates - IMDB

Production Assistant

Aisha Graham - IMDB

Camera Operator

Eduard Troth - IMDB

Digital Imaging Technician

Jamie Harding - IMDB

Sound Assistant

Richard Simms - IMDB

Sound Assistant

Adam Margetts - IMDB

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News updates


UK Premiere!

The UK premiere of Eyes and Prize will be happening this Saturday 17th at 16:00 at the Ramsgate International Film Festival. Looking forward forward to this one! https://ramsgateiftvfest.org

16 Mar. 2018

Eyes & Prize world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival

Thrilled to announce that Eyes & Prize had its world premier earlier on this month at the Cinequest Film Festival! Great to have met so many talented filmmakers during the festival and pleased to have seen Producer Simon Wharf and Director Peter Markle there!

16 Mar. 2018

Post Production

Picture is locked. Working on sound design and the grade with a view to complete by the end of the month and submit to Raindance and the London Film Festival

19 May. 2017

Post Production

Rough cut edit completed. Working towards a picture lock with the sound design planned for the end of the month.

10 Feb. 2017


Jennifer Hoole
Art Department Assistant