Every Maverick
needs a wingman.

We’re here to make your film take off. Take on vetted crews from our UK-wide selected base of pros. Bring your film to life together with the people that actually work on it, via Crewfunding.

Get the right crew on board

We select top professionals that proved their metal, from 2 up to 20 years of experience on their chosen role. And when we say select, it also means you get bespoke recommendations for the position you’re looking for.

Choose from our shortlist of candidates or browse all vetted applicants, and stop wasting time with recruiting and filtering through. Yeah, we know, lots of other stuff to be done too. Big Couch charges a 10% commission on sealed deals with the selected crew.

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Sharpen up your game

Stop your pre-production from bleeding due to budget cuts. Our Crewfund financial model enables you to slice 20% percent of the budget, up to 50% of your crew costs, and brings forward the project’s break-even point. We support Production Managers, taking off the recruitment workload. On top, we provide all the contracts and watch over all the legal framework. We guarantee a safe and transparent process.

We charge a 12% commission on top of the reduced crew fees. Also, we totally stand behind our shared economy concept, by charging 1 profit point.

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Get your film noticed...

...on lots of smaller screens before it hits the big one. Market your project in pre-production and get nods from a global community of investors, crews and film lovers just like you. Make it happen while showcasing the talented crews that support your film.

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Last minute crew?

Go from tick-tock to pick & rock. Replace last minute dropouts or get on set on the fly. We provide a real-time matching algorithm so you can start rolling in no time.

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Workshops and training

We’re an active crew ourselves, as we want to contribute to the rhythm of the film industry. Refine your skills, expand your knowledge and checkout our events. Stay tuned for more.

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