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We offer you a bespoke service to connect you with vetted crews to work make your production shine. All jobs are above National Minimum Wage or London Living Wage. Big Couch charges a 10% commission on sealed deals with the selected crew.

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Good as gold

Every single piece of crew is solid. Anyone who joins Big Couch is carefully vetted as we require a minimum of 2-year experience (up to 20 years!) on a specific role. We also flip through all our pages to create a custom shortlist for your needs.

Engage in no time

Our real-time matching algorithm guarantees a quick turnaround.

Our real-time matching Magic An algorithm that magically matches vetted Big Couch crew members with your job opportunity taking into account the tailored set of skills and experience you are after. algorithm guarantees a quick turnaround. On top of this, our unique process filters through the right candidates and offers you a custom shortlist. No more wasted time with unwanted CVs! Post a job and get your crew on deck ASAP.

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