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There are jobs, and jobs that will make you jump out of bed right after the first snooze. We’re more about the latter. Big Couch vets every film project, employer or producer to achieve this. But what you recommend is equally important also.

With the Dream Team featureA team that helpsA special group of people you’d love to work with. Those whose strengths you know and whose skills you trust. you can select your favorite crew and get them on board, on the same production.

Let the credits roll

Put up a profile and get ready for a full-frontal shot at exciting feature film productions – all of them already vetted by the Big Couch team. Some of these films need your support and you can be part of them in a unique way. By using Crewfund, our shared economy concept.

Invest your skills in films that will turn into a package of profit points and deferred payments later, by accepting lower upfront payment for the moment. You can always work on full rates on all the other jobs that pop-up in our stream. Every job on this platform is above National Minimum Wage or London Living Wage. Big Couch provides the contracts and watches over all the legal framework.

From meanwhile to worthwhile

There’s a job out there right now. We help you fill in the downtime with a constant stream of paid jobs in media, advertising, TV, films and other creative industries.

Our real-time matching Perfect fit Job opportunities that make you jump straight out of bed. Fitted to your experience, career goals and unique set of skills. algorithm provides the right jobs for you.

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We match your experience with the right jobs opportunities, all for free, always. Be part of a talented family of professional crews, get connected and stay in tune with the film industry beat.

Did we say it’s all for free? Oh. Yeah, ok.

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We’re an active crew ourselves, as we want to contribute to the rhythm of the film industry. Refine your skills, expand your knowledge and checkout our events. Stay tuned for more.

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