Summer on the Big Couch with FilmChain

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These last few months in London have flown by incredibly fast! Sadly, my time to depart Big Couch and FilmChain has come. Before my internship at Big Couch and FilmChain, I thought I knew what it meant to be behind the scenes of the production since I’d acted in TV and film pretty regularly. Little did I know the journey I was about to embark on this past summer as I went way far behind the scenes of indie films and into Big Couch’s crewfunding and FilmChain’s film financing endeavors. My eyes have been opened to a whole new perspective and I am more in love with the film industry than ever.


After my interview, Irina and Maria quickly welcomed me aboard the team. Immediately my analytic, research and marketing skills were put to use! Maria and Irina had me develop research on international business and policies, put together marketing materials, consult with them on ideas, write newspapers and blogs, and even form new social media strategies for both entities. This summer I’ve communicated with international clients, organized meetings, and attended Maria’s film premiere Gold Star, a film directed by Paul Frankl. I always wanted to work in the film industry on an international scale, but this summer I got to live it.


With FilmChain I have not only learned the world of film financing backward and forward but blockchain as well. Before this internship, I had no idea what blockchain was even about, but now I am able to not only explain it to others but can explain the importance of it and how it is impacting the world all around us.


This adventure is coming to an end and far too soon. This weekend I will head back to the University of Florida and begin my Junior year. The information I’ve learned this summer interning will stick with me forever. Interning at two international companies has been a priceless experience that I wish more students could have. With the experience of actively working and engaging in this environment, I've learned so much valuable information that I would not have come across in the classroom The future is no doubt extremely bright for Big Couch and FilmChain, and I am thrilled to see what is in store for them in the future. This isn’t a goodbye forever, but a goodbye for now, as there is no doubt in my mind I will stay in contact with these two amazing and innovative women. Maria and Irina are truly inspirational role models and innovators in the film industry.




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