Webinar hosted by Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita

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Have you often found yourself wondering how the Big Couch Crewfunding model works so perfectly and perhaps for some reason you just can’t seem to find the answers..

Well, if this is you, look no further because I have the answers!

Our co-founders Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita have partnered with the world renowned social network and educational hub for film, Stage 32 to bring you a once in a lifetime seminar to discuss exactly how Crewfunding works.

But wait, it gets better! For those who purchase, you will not only become experts on how to structure back-end deals but you will have the opportunity to engage LIVE with the co-founders themselves..for a whole hour and a half!

So, what are you waiting for?

Come join us here on March, 15th at 21:00 (13:00 PST). Don’t miss out!


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