My Time at Big Couch

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Well this is it, my last week at Big Couch and in London. It seems like this experience has flown by and now the end has come far sooner than I expected. The people I have met and worked with have been wonderful: Maria, Irina and Nico, and I will never forget my time spent in London.

When I was first matched with my internship at Big Couch, I was very excited as my first choice was in the Film & Production category. I interviewed with Nico, my awesome coworker with whom I now ride the tube at the end of the day. He is now someone I call a friend in addition to coworker and someone who I will truly miss when I leave.

Since Big Couch is in the middle switching gears to their new platform in development FilmChain, I have learned so much about the world of Blockchain and tech development. I never expected learning about this world going into this semester, though I’d heard a lot about Bitcoin in the past year, but this was always as a casual observer. Now, I have a much deeper understanding of what blockchain is, something that is very relevant to today’s upcoming products. I am excited to see how much FilmChain flourishes in the future under this amazing team.

One thing that I really enjoyed was being able to be part of the production of the short film Gold Star directed by Paul Frankl. I had the opportunity to be on a film set in London, something that I would not have imagined possible a year ago. Now I am credited as a Production Coordinator in London!

I am sad to see this chapter in my life end, though going into my senior year of university I am so glad to have had this opportunity. Having the wonderful experience of working in a cross-cultural environment is not something everyone has the chance to do and now I can cross that off my list. Honestly, if I could stay in the UK I would stay with Big Couch. Irina and Maria are such wonderful and hardworking women that have so much knowledge to share and I am glad they chose me to join their team, even if for the brief seven weeks that I was here. Here’s hoping that we cross paths again, and the next time I’m in London I know who I’m calling first.


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